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Mabel & Joy
Mabel & Joy Cacao Blend
Mabel's Mix: Paleo Toasted Muesli
Mabel & Joy
Premium granola, with no preservatives, artificial flavours or refined sugar
The what, why, how

Mabel & Joy create premium granola, with no preservatives, artificial flavours or refined sugar. Our eight blends are all vegan and dairy-free, plus we have Paleo, gluten-free and high-fibre selections to choose from.


Mabel & Joy take premium ingredients, and create blends which are pure and simple. There are no preservatives, additives or flavours, unlike supermarket brands. Mabel & Joy's ingredients are transparent and wholly, 100% simple.


With eight blends to choose from, Mabel & Joy's diverse range cover all sorts of tastebuds. From the sweet tooth, to the nut and seed lovers, to the warm porridge devourers, there will always be a Mabel & Joy blend waiting for you.


Mabel & Joy are proud to pack all blends with these nutrient-rich caped crusaders. Cacao, chia, linseed, oats and buckwheat are just a few of our ingredients which make our blends as nutritious as they are delicious. Also, we do not use honey or maple syrup to sweeten our blends, keeping the fructose level low so you can be the best version of yourself!

The Where & The Web
Country: Australia
Marrickville 2204
Shipping or Service: Worldwide
The Brains - Founders & Owners
Business Structure: Co-Owner
Founders & Owners:

Trish Whitton (Wife and Husband)
James Blow

Founded in (YYYY): 2016