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The what, why, how

Spice Quarter is an online spice subscription box. With Spice Quarter you can take a trip around the world from your own kitchen!

We do all the hard work, sourcing amazing organic spices, blending to perfection and crafting easy to cook gourmet spices.

Sign up for a Spice Quarter subscription and let us send you three new spice blends every month with matching recipes, step by step videos and tips for home cooks.

All our blends are organic, vegan and paleo and delivery is free in Australia.

Sign up for one month or 12, whatever suits you!


The Where & The Web
Country: Australia
Sydney 2000
Shipping or Service: Worldwide
The Brains - Founders & Owners
Business Structure: Co-Founder
Founders & Owners:

Megna - Spice Queen and chief taster
Aarjit - King Of The Kitchen and chief recipe designer

Founded in (YYYY): 2016