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Charnaud The Label
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C THE LABEL was born from the inspiration I felt as I traveled through Europe. Each day of my European adventure was a surprise and I always wanted to be ready to jump in the ocean, but I never found a bikini comfortable enough for me to wear all day. With these thoughts of passion for ocean and my desire for swimwear to be part of everyday life, C THE LABEL was created.

I loved seeing how the sun makes people smile, and I loved the confidence of women in coastal countries where the beach is a big part of their everyday life. No matter their age or size women walked around with their head held high, big smiles wearing and doing what they love. I fell in love with this confidence and feeling of freedom. I wanted to bring this positive body image and confidence to Australia and I hope that finding a bikini we love to wear will encourage girls to care less of what others think and to care more about doing what they love!

I decided to create a swimwear line with seamless stitching, beautiful soft fabrics, no underwires, padding or elastic and double lined fabric. I wanted the bikinis to be wearable and super comfortable, yet still sexy, cheeky and flattering. The collection has a raw natural feel, with inspirations from minimal European design and sexy Brazilian cuts.

Our bikini's look stunning under low cut singlets and backless dresses as an undergarment. We’ re excited to have created a bikini that is so comfortable you'll want to wear it every chance you have.

Be confident because our beautiful bikinis are carefully designed to compliment your body in all the right places!

Here’s to love, confidence and living in the moment.

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Country: Australia
4/136 Stirling Hwy,, North Fremantle WA 6159
Shipping or Service: Worldwide
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Business Structure: Founder
Founders & Owners:

Meg Charnaud

Founded in (YYYY): 2016