Recover from Injury

Recover from Injury
A helping hand on the road to recovery
The what, why, how

Recover from Injury is a hub for people who want to recover from injury in the best way possible.

This service is for people finding themselves confused, upset and isolated after experiencing an injury.

They may have just come home from hospital or may be in a cast and on crutches for months.

The experience of recovering from injury can mean a massive change to your life. But even though life has been flipped upside down, we believe you can put in place mechanisms and approaches to thrive through injury.

Tap into your inner resilience and get the help you need.

Recover from injury provides:

  • information;
  • coaching services; and a
  • supportive community.
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Country: Australia
Mornington 3931
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Founders & Owners:

Claire Harris

Founded in (YYYY): 2016