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Video Explainers
Lydia Dolbel - Creative Director
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Video Explainers  is a motion graphics design studio and video production house based in Sydney NSW.

We provide a high end service for smart prices, servicing the corporate industries as well as fellow creatives and friends.

We are a young company with fresh ideas and cutting edge creative solutions to assist you with your video marketing campaigns.

Contact us for a free quote to find out how ExplainYou can assist you with your video production needs.

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Country: Australia
515 Kent Street, Sydney NSW, Australia 2000
515 Kent Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
85/515 Kent Street, Millers Point NSW, Australia
Shipping or Service: Worldwide
The Brains - Founders & Owners
Business Structure: Founder
Founders & Owners:

Lydia Dolbel - Founder

Founded in (YYYY): 2018