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Makers Ink

Contemporary art prints for home, nursery and kids
Country: Australia
Makers Ink is a Melbourne-based design studio, specialising in contemporary art prints for modern homes, nursery and kids’ spaces.
Founders & Owners:

Rebecca Palmer

Temples and Markets

Unique Pieces made by Unique People from Unique Cultures
Country: Australia
Temples and Markets is a curated online store based in Melbourne showcasing Unique Fashion Accessories, Jewellery, Bags and Home Decor handmade by artisans in S.E Asia. Every Product has a Story,
Founders & Owners:

Judith Treanor

The Handmade Box

Supporting Australian Handmade
Country: Australia
Your Monthly themed box packed full of quality items all Handmade in Australia.
Founders & Owners:

Cassandra Flanagan (Daughter)
Yvonne Ralph (Mother)


Reinventing everyday gratitude
Country: Australia
Thankly makes it easy to send old-fashioned thank yous for those everyday things that make life easier. Because gratitude will never get old and we don’t show it enough.
Founders & Owners:

Dr Kate Adams

ELK Prints

Make your mark on the world, with beautifully evocative design.
Country: Australia
ELK Prints is a Sydney based graphic design, illustration and watercolour studio offering beautiful bespoke creations for celebrations and events. Designed uniquely for you.
Founders & Owners:

Elizabeth Kelly