You must be a founder, co-founder, owner or co-owner of your business to be represented on our directory.

There are loads of instances where co-founders and co-owners are men – this is great too providing you are a leading lady of the business you are promoting on Design Counsel. It is, after all, there to support women entrepreneurs and their business enterprises.

All co-owners and co-founders must be disclosed on your listing.

What about MLM’s?

Due to business ownership requirements, Design Counsel does not publish direct marketing MLM (multi-level marketing) businesses on our directory.


To be eligible to place your business on Design Counsel’s directory you, the listing owner,  must have a facebook business page. You also need to like our facebook page.

Why is this a requirement?

We are not just a directory. We also write, collaborate, market and promote your business. We use facebook to conduct call-outs to businesses that may be suitable for such promotions.

No more newsletters

It’s also a great way we can keep in contact and communicate with everyone without having to use newsletters.


Design Counsel is the owner of all right, interest and title (including present and future copyright) in the Website. There’s a whole section covering intellectual property rights on our privacy statement but, without sounding too scary, here’s the overview of the rules:

Design Counsel is about promoting its directory members through a myriad of ways including online articles, interviews on  and social media platforms.

You may find yourself in a feature article on our site which is awesome for you and your brand.

You may also be approached to co-author a story with the Design Counsel team.

Sharing is caring

You are free to share ANY editorial content* published by Design Counsel on providing you share it directly from the source aka, The Design Counsel website

What you can’t do with content published on Design Counsel’s website

You cannot, under any circumstances, re-publish articles. For example, copy and pasting an article from Design Counsel into a blog post on your site is a big no no!

This is for a couple of very good reasons:

  1. It is plagiarism.
  2. Search engines such as google will penalise any site that republishes existing content.

* Editorial content pertains to words, images, documents & videos.


Having up-to-date data is paramount to Design Counsel working optimally.  The more accurate the information – the more everyone benefits.

Should your business change hands or close, and you require the listing to be removed you are obligated to notify Design Counsel in writing within 14 working days of the change so we can amend the details on our system and preserve data accuracy.


Design Counsel charges a small fee of $24 (or $2 per month) for a year’s worth of membership. We do not offer pro-rata refunds on the balance of the year if your business exchanges hands or closes within that yearly period.

If your business changes hands, we can offer an exchange of listing ownership at no additional cost. Please contact us for more information and we’ll make it happen.